Assembly Procedure for 45-Series "CS" Audio Racks

This procedure is for the assembly of all Adona 45-Series Amplifier Stands and all 45-Series Audio Racks that contain the letters "CS" within the model designation.

Insert a button-head bolt into one of the endplate holes on the X-frame such that the threads are pointing outward. Intall a T-slot nut onto the bolt just enough to hold in place. Do not tighten it down at this time. The side of the T-nut with the bump may be facing either direction. Screw it on just to the point where the end of the thread is flush with the end of the nut.

Gather four bushing assemblies. Each one should have a screw, a nut and a rubber cap. We recommend that the rubber cap be installed, however feel free to experiment. Alternately the metal screw could make direct contact with the shelf. In addition, any aftermarket coupling device may be used so long as it has 1/4-20 threads.

Install a bushing assembly in to each of the four threaded holes on the X-frame. Tighten it just finger tight.

Slide a column onto the end of the X-frame. It does not matter which direction the T-nut nut faces. It is however important that the top of the column points in the same direction as the X-frame bushings. Do not tighten down the fasteners at this time. Finger tight, that's all!

Install the second column the same way as the first one.

Flip the frame around and install the third and fourth columns.

Place one of the shelves on the floor with the granite side facing upward.

Place the completed frame assembly over the shelf in an inverted position. Make sure that all four bushings are resting on the granite. Adjust the height of each of the columns so that they are resting on and perpendicular to the floor. Tighten one of the button-head bolts on each column. Leave the second bolt loose for now.

Install a setscrew into each of the cones. Install a cone onto each of the columns. Note: Don't leave cones sitting around with the point facing upward. If a person fell onto one it would hurt.

Place the completed frame assembly on the floor. Make sure that all cones touch the floor. Adjust the height of one of the columns as needed.

Build more levels just like the first one. Take time to adjust the columns at each level. It is much easier to adjust the rack by working from the bottom to the top.

Place the last frame into position. Adjust the columns as needed. Using a yardstick or straightedge, make sure all columns are in line with each other. Adjust as needed.

Place a shelf platform on each of the X-frames. Adjust the bushings so that the platform is in contact with all four bushings. Double check the alignment of he columns one last time.

Done! Your new 45-Series audio rack is now ready to go.

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