About Adona

Adona Corporation, founded in December of 2001, is a manufacturer of precision audio isolation racks with superb aesthetic appearance, modular expandability and reasonable prices. The backbone of our company is represented by the heart, soul and passion of two key individuals, namely Paul and Ronee.

Previously the Director of Engineering at Altek Corporation, a Silver Spring, Maryland based manufacturer of precision measuring devices, Paul has 20+ years of experience in what it takes to design a product and bring it to market.

Ronee brings to Adona a wide range of skills. An actress and singer by passion, her career history brings her from an accounting position at Washington Music Center in Wheaton, MD all the way up to forming her own company, Reigning Cats and Dogs, one of the most successful pet sitting services in the Washington, DC area, and currently the Director of Sales and Marketing for Adona Corporation.

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