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Good morning,

Do yourself a favor, check out this site and the stock & custom stands including DIY materials; I've purchased one of their amp standsand have found it sonically superior to anything else I've ever heard make a difference in my system including some of the better products from name-brands that you are all familiar with that I already own and are being replaced... They are also working up a prototype of a new multi-level/platofrm product based upon requests from myself and 6 other customers. Paul and his team at ADONA are also first-rate at communication and customer care. The granite + MDF + 'mystery layer' are first rate platforms that outperform anything else I've heard or seen. You owe it to yourself and others you know that have this audiophile bug to check out their products!


hello guys, i received the platform and have it under my turntable with the greatest of results, what a great working platform, i can pound on my turntable and nothing comes thru my system, and the best looking one ever, figuring out how to use more in my system, thanks so much


Dear Paul,

First of all, let me thank you for your help in getting my Adona Rack up and running or isolating if you will. I purchased this unit from a previous owner through Audiogon and it was shipped without assembly instructions. One of the great pleasures about high end audio is that when you have a problem, a telephone call almost always puts you in touch with someone very knowledgeable if not the company owner and designer himself as was the case with Adona. You told me how to assemble the rack making it easy and fast.

I am a professionally trained musician. I played professionally in Philadelphia, New Jersey , and New York for several years before moving on to other business ventures. Music, however, remains my first passion and I have attended live concerts and operas in some of the world's best houses including La Scala and Covent Garden. I hold subscription tickets to the Metropolitan Opera, Carnegie Hall, and the Kimmel Center every year. I know that I bring an unususal working knowledge of how live unamplified music sounds from a listener's perspective as well as how it sounds to the professional on the stage floor. Consequently, I have been able to avoid making mistakes in purchasing high end audio equipment over 15 years resulting in less equipment turnover and less expense unless, of course, I feel new equipment is warranted because of technological innovation.

I replaced my old rack, good for its day, but not close to the build quality of the Adona. The Adona is massive in its approach to mechanical isolation. It offers endless variation in its ability to couple to warped floors, adjustment between shelves for small or large components, and leveling of each shelf seperately from the rack frame. The shelves are decoupled from the rack for ultimate isolation. In an audiophile world bombarded with racks, shelves, points, soft and hard polymer footers, all made from a torrent of different materials, it is a breath of fresh air to have a rack so good at what it does that you can put all of your isolating devices in your audio junk drawer for that second system in your summer home which you are planning to buy in the future. The audiophile cliches of lifted veils, increased bass response, liquid highs, bigger soundstage in all directions, and better focus apply to what you get with the Adona. I think more importantly that greater musicality in sound is retrieved from your components.Truthfulness to timbre of orchestral instruments, voice, and piano are achieved. Leading edge transients have much better focus so you can distinguish more easily what instruments are playing during heavily orchestrated sections of musical compositions. Bass response is not just greater, but has more definition and less bloat. This makes for a more lifelike or live presentation with seemingly more air and space from the recording venue than you may have experienced with your components previously. You get all this in a component stand which assembles easily, adjusts in wide variations, and which can be moved into position without killing yourself because the shelves are decoupled from the rest of the stand and placed in position after you move the frame into its final resting place. Did I mention the fact that even new, this unit is priced below most of the super high end and hghly priced units in the marketplace and achieves at least as much as you get with those big boys? Well, I guess I just did. By the way, it looks good too. Finally, let me say that the X configuration of the cross braces which support the shelves opens up the unit in a way which I think is unique in the industry enabling you to place and remove your components much more easily than the standard 4 legged rectangular or square design of just about every other rack out there. It also makes for more room to open and close a top loading CD Player if you happen to own a turntable, as I do, and your digital front end is sandwiched between and not on the top shelf.

It looks like I have made another high end purchase which will stay in the system for a long time. Who says high end audio is expensive?

Best Regards,

Mark Brodie


I LOVE the new stuff you have been producing....the wood shelves look amazing.

Talk to you later,



the Blue Granite was definitely worth waiting for. It looks much nicer than I had expected from your website picture. Your three packages arrived Tuesday, and the stand integrates very well, as I had hoped, with the aluminum-sided Revel Ultimate Studios.


Hello Renee,

.... I am very satisfied with your cones! They look beautiful and they work extremely well. The sound improved dramatically with the new stand, and part of that improvement I owe to your cones. As for small problems - that just made building the rack more interesting. Once again, thank you for great product and for your business! Have a great week,

Most sincerely,


Hello Renee,

Thank you very much! I have received the cones yesterday morning. It was very fast, indeed. USPS Ems Global is my favorite - lightning fast and inexpensive. As for cones - beautiful! Can't stop admiring them. Beautiful work. Thanks! Once again, thank you for a business! It was a real pleasure dealing with you!

Most sincerely,


Dear Renee:

I've been remiss in not getting back to you sooner...the racks are superb, and I feel that the sound of my system has improved, as well as the organization. Because of the height between shelves (which perhaps looks peculiar from a sitting position) I'm able to access my components with greater ease than before, and all of my interconnects/power cords are beautifully organized--no more "spaghetti"! I will leave positive feedback for you on Audiogon. I'll also try to send some digital pictures, but I'll have to borrow a camera from a friend.

Many thanks,

-- Michael Gartz Liberty Music

Hey Paul & Renee,

Since Iíve finally ordered my new stand from you, which Iím very excited about, I wanted to make sure you knew how I heard about Adona Corp. I had been speaking with Robert Lee of Acoustic Zen about cables and I told him that to shorten the cable lengths I needed, I would need a new stand to put between my speakers. He told me to check out Adona Corp. for very high quality but less money than the other available stands. Just thought you should know.


Hi Paul/Ronee:

I received the Adona double rack last week in perfect condition. I had it built in about an hour. It looks great and I think I'm even hearing some sound improvements (we'll see after some more listening).



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